www.thinkshifts.co.uk, hereafter known as “The Website”, is the property of Thinkshifts Limited. Thinkshifts is a technology advisory and engineering company located in London. We are registered in England, and our RC number is 15234537. The company address for Thinkshifts Limted is 128 City Road, London, United Kingdom, EC1V 2NX.


The website collects certain information about you. We at Thinkshifts are responsible for this. When we collect information about you, we make sure we do so under acceptable practices. One of the regulations that governs our collection, management, and usage of your personal information is the General Data Protection Regulation, which applies in the United Kingdom and across territories in the European Union. We are also governed by the UK Data Protection Act of 2018 


The information we collect and how we use them


The information you give us


The first category of information we collect about you is the information you let us in on. This information is collected when you sign up for a service or send feedback on information you find on the website. We also collect information when you reach us for any reason through any of our emails, social media platforms, or any other portal through which you can reach us. We get your personal information when you respond to our social media icons or pages or report a problem or bug with our website.


Our access to this information can either be direct or indirect. This means that we look out for your activity while on the website, and we collect information that shows us your behaviour. This helps us improve our services for you and your user experience while on the website.


We also have access to data that you have specifically given us via our website. This information may include limited identifiable information. We have appropriate protections in place for all the information we access, handle, and use. We also protect whatever sensitive information we might occasionally ask you for. This information may cover sensitive topics, including those that reveal health status or help us fulfill equality-based obligations. We will always let you know why we need particular information about you and how it will be used.


The information we collect from you under this category includes:


  • Your name, address, and contact information
  • Your official information, including business name and address
  • Details are collected when you share responses with us via email, phone, or through our social media handles and pages.


Personal information about people other than you


We look forward to all the information that will help us improve your experience on the website and with our services. When this information is provided on behalf of someone other than you and is about them, you admit that this person or persons have made you privy to their information and have also given you a mandate to share such knowledge with us. You also admit that the other person has agreed that you can:


  • Give us consent on their behalf to collect, manage and use those information about them
  • Receive any data protection alerts on their behalf.
  • Give consent to local or international data transfer on their behalf.


Information from third parties


We occasionally receive information about you from third parties. These third parties may include social media sites on which we are registered. All information received from third parties will be used to build on our already existing knowledge of you and help us improve our services.


Information collected automatically


The website often collects information about you automatically. This information is collected for the purpose of improving your experience on the website.


The information we collect automatically includes:




Cookies are text files that a website sends to your browser each time you visit. They help the website remember information about your visit, which will make it easier whenever you visit again. It helps us make the website more useful to you.


We monitor your use of the website through our cookies. Some of the things we track include: the pages you visit, how many times you have visited the website, and our pages. Some of this information may not identify you individually but will only give us statistical knowledge about your visit.


How your data is used


  • We use personal information provided to us to do the following:
  • Create accounts and projects for you on the website
  • Provide services and improve the user experience
  • Contact you for further information
  • Administration purposes
  • Make your user experience better by customizing the website and its content to match your preferences
  • We will notify you of changes to the website, including updates to our cookie and privacy policies.
  • Verify your information


Legal basis for managing and processing your information


Our usage of your personal information is dependent on a number of legitimate and legal basis. The information processed depends on this legal basis and why we need it. Some of these legitimate and legal basis include:


Consent: We require your clear and uncoarced consent for us to process any personal information you make us privy to. The first legal basis comes when you have given us clear consent to process this information for any specific purpose.


Our legal basis also occurs when we have to use your personal information to fulfill a contract we have with you.


We may also be required to use your personal information in order to comply with the law


Disclosing your personal data to third parties


There may come a time when we may have to disclose your personal information to parties other than you or Thinkshifts Limited. These parties or interests include:


  • Any party or company that, by merger or any other reason, becomes one and part of Thinkshifts Limited: Other companies that become part of a group of companies with Thinkshifts Limited may also be made privy to your personal information.
  • A parent party who acquires controlling stakes in Thinkshifts Limited
  • Service providers and agents who require your data to improve their services to Thinkshifts Limited
  • Law enforcement and other regulatory agencies may require your data in connection with any criminal or civil investigation. We may share such information with them
  • Clients who may request your personal information as part of a contracted service.


International data transfer


We may regularly transfer your information to territories or jurisdictions outside the United Kingdom and the European Economic Area. This may be due to the location of our partners in these locations or if we have branches or facilities there. The laws that govern data protection may be different and not as strong as those of the United Kingdom and the European Economic Area.


Our transfer of your information to these territories or jurisdictions will be based on the UK General Data Protection Regulation.


The steps we will take to protect your information during transfer to foreign jurisdictions include:


Using legally binding clauses that ensure that your information is protected when transferred to foreign territories. These are European Commission-approved clauses.


Establishing corporate rules that will serve the purpose of maintaining consistent data protection best practices across all operations, regardless of their location


We will only transfer your information to territories and jurisdictions with strong data protection laws. We might also move to nations that the European Commission has designated as "adequate."


You may apply for or request to know the specific standards we implement to protect your data when we do it across borders by contacting us using the details provided here.


Be aware that you reserve the rights at any time to:

  • Request, access and review your personal information with us
  • Request the deletion of your personal data from the website or any other storage we may keep them in
  • Object to the processing of non-essential personal data. Non-essential personal data are those that are not required for the operation of the website.




Cookies are text files that a website sends to your browser each time you visit. They help the website remember information about your visit, which will make it easier whenever you visit again. It helps us make the website more useful to you.


We use cookies on the website


We monitor your use of the website through our cookies. Some of the things we track include: the pages you visit, how many times you have visited the website, and our pages. Some of this information may not identify you individually but will only give us statistical knowledge about your visit.




We may occasionally send you news, special offers, and promotions from us. This is only when you have given us express permission to contact you via email, telephone, or mail for this purpose.


The content of our marketing efforts is built around promoting our products, services, special offers, and other causes that may be of interest to you.


These marketing efforts may contain links to our website or third party websites. These third party websites may have information about services that are not provided by Thinkshifts. Please be aware that these websites have their own unique policies. Kindly review all the policies found there. We do not accept liability or responsibility for information contained in their policies.




We may monitor all correspondence with you, including telephone communications and email correspondence. This is for the purpose of improving quality or other compliance.


Your Rights


You have the right to consent to this privacy policy. This means you have the right to consent to how we collect and store information about you. There will be opportunities to consent to this policy and marketing efforts.


The rights you enjoy on the website include:


  • Right of Access: You retain all rights to access your records with us. This is free of charge and can be requested any time
  • Right to rectify: You reserve the right to make corrections to any data we hold about you. If any information we have about you is outdated or inaccurate, kindly contact us for correction.
  • Right to erasure: You have the right to request the erasure of your information on our website.
  • You have the right to refuse our marketing efforts. If you do not want us to contact you for promotions or other marketing efforts, kindly reach out to us. We may still contact you for reasons other than marketing.
  • Right to data portability: You have the right to request your data for any purpose you may have. We will provide you with this information upon request.


To manage your consent or refusal, or to correct your information with us or have it erased, or to assert any other rights, kindly send us your request at legal@thinkshifts.co.uk.


You may be required to provide documents of authentication to access these rights.


How long we will store your data


  • All your information will remain with us until you state otherwise. The information may be erased if any of the following happens:
  • You have refused or withdrawn your consent to our management and processing of your data
  • Your data is no longer required for the purpose for which we originally requested them
  • Inaccuracy or outdated information




We do not employ or contract individuals below the age of 18. This means that we will not process the personal information of children or people below this age. By using the website, you confirm that you are 18 or older and that you have read and consented to this policy.


Securing your personal information


We have trusted measures to secure your information and prevent it from being accidentally lost or used in any unauthorized manner. Only those who are on a need-to-know basis are allowed access to your information. Those who process it do so under standards that have been authorized and are subject to obligations of confidentiality. Your information with us will be stored on secure servers. We have appropriate measures to handle any suspected attempt at a data breach.


We will let you know of any suspected data breach. 




While we will attempt to resolve any concerns you may have about the use of your information, you are free to request the intervention of a supervisory agency. The General Data Protection Regulation makes this right guaranteed. The Information Commissioner's Office is also available to receive your complaints 


Changes to this policy


We may amend this policy regularly. Kindly check it from time to time, or whenever you visit the website, to ensure you are aware of any latest updates.


How to contact us


If you have questions about this policy or the information we hold about you, kindly reach us at legal@thinkshifts.co.uk. You can also write to us at  'Thinkshifts Limited', address: 128 City Road, London, United Kingdom, EC1V 2NX or call +44 7442 839440